If your house was burned out because of war I’m pretty sure you’d try to escape to make a better life for yourself. Welcoming refugees is the central message of this song. The opinions aired in verse 2 are heard far too often in public discourse, but the pain and desperation of being a refugee - and the huge benefits we get from having them in our midst - is not heard often enough.

Duan an fhògarraich

Gillebrìde MacMillan
Gillebrìde MacMillan is from the Milton in South Uist. He comes from a family with a strong Gaelic background. Gaelic is his first language and Gaelic songs and traditions were always an important part of family life.

Gillebrìde stars as Gwyllyn the Bard in Starz Outlander where he regales those in Castle Leoch with traditional Gaelic songs and tales. In Starz Outlander,  Gillebrìde sings traditional songs and a song specially composed by Bear McCreary

‘Air Fòrladh / On Leave’ is Gillebrìde’s second CD. His first ‘Thogainn Ort Fonn!’ was released in 2005 and he has also sung on CD with ‘Na Seòid’ and on ‘Home to Argyll’ – a collection of the songs of Ethel McCallum.
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